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Here we are suddenly at the summer solstice and here in New England, we finally have weather that feels like summer. Being an active volunteer with my therapy dog, Rudy, I believe that he has the right idea about work. This morning we went to our local high school where the students were taking their final exams. They were stressed out, anxious, and tired. As soon as they saw Rudy, their body language softened. They smiled. They got down on the floor. They were glad to see him. And while their exams weren’t forgotten, they were put in perspective.

Rudy has only been a therapy dog since March, when he turned a year old, so he’s still new to this work. But he threw himself into it. He had lots of hands touching him at once. He was in a strange building. As I shared his story:  one of nine puppies in a litter rescued from Tennessee, he did the real work just by being there.

He is now sound asleep in the bed by my desk. He’s resting until our next adventure. He’s willing to go anywhere I go because we’re a team. We trust each other. We look out for each other. When I noticed him getting tired, I told our contact at the high school that it was time to leave. So like Rudy, take time this summer to stretch out, relax, find times to do nothing, and notice how restorative that is. See how it helps you be present when you’re working. Enjoy your dog days!

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  1. Linda Mac
    June 21st, 2018 at 17:42 | #1

    Hi Jean,

    Love the Therapy Dog story about Rudy. The photo reminds me of our 2 year old rescue from Tennessee, Murphy. I imagine the therapy work is sometimes exhausting for Rudy, so good that he gets a good nap.

    I just finished the school year of ‘subbing’ at three area high schools and sometimes jr. highs. It was fun…I especially enjoy the high school classes, which are mostly what I do. I just finished two very active years of also working with our local Chamber. But after a strange incident at the end of a super event on April 18, an event that I planned and executed alone…because the ‘volunteers disappeared’… I’ve just decided that we won’t renew our annual Chamber membership. It’s just not the group that it used to be…and we’ve been members for about years.

    Onwards and upwards. I still miss working full-time, but I do stay busy.

    Best to you, and that fabulous Rudy! Linda Mac

  2. June 26th, 2018 at 07:18 | #2

    Hi Jean, I know we love the therapy work we do with our dogs AND the therapy work the dogs do for us!!! Give Rudy a pet from us, Cathy and Brandon

  3. July 10th, 2018 at 14:55 | #3

    Hugs to your wonderful Rudy & you as well. What a gift you bring to all of us that need some loving. LA