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Is Summer a Dead Time to Find a Job?

Having worked as a career coach for more than twenty years, I started to dread warm weather because many of my clients jumped to the conclusion that it would be impossible to find a job over the summer. Let’s set the record straight–it’s not true! Jobs are found throughout the year and in fact, summer is one of the best times to network.

Why? It’s easier to meet people as we’re outside more than during the winter. There are family and neighborhood get togethers, and while some hiring managers may be on vacation during the summer, the job market is not dead. In fact, smart companies often hire over the summer so that they’re in good shape for the fall.

Summer is also good for most job seekers as it’s such a wonderful time of the year. So get out there, enjoy the park, the beach, the mountains and make sure you’re proactively letting your network know what you’re doing and where you’d like to work.

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